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Business Strategy & Organisation
  • Strategy Development

  • Creating a business strategy for individuals and companies

  • Implementing strategies

  • Human resource development

  • Predictive analysis

  • Performance management

  • Problem-solving technics

  • Behavioral and mindset changes

  • Capacity building

Executive Leadership Development
  • Communication strategy

  • Structuring content by using M.E.C.E. technics etc

  • People management

  • Transferable skills

  • Effective ways of cascading information

  • Cultural communication, expectation and management

  • The power of listening

  • Competitor vs. stakeholder analysis strategy

  • Differences in giving feedback, coaching, mentoring and advising

  • Team management and delegation

  • Change management

  • Raising the bottomline (ROI)

Business Meeting
Supply Chain & Operations Management
  • Strategic sourcing 

  • Procurement

  • Business negotiation

  • Logistics management

  • Distribution Management 

  • Inventory management

  • Material flow and best practices

  • Project and program management 

  • Commodity modeling and simulation

  • Third party negotiation 

  • Business process management 

  • Knowledge management 

  • Local content development  

  • Continuous improvement techniques including Lean Six Sigma and related models

  • Process management and optimization


Emerging Markets

  • Representing foreign organization's interest & services

  • Establishing business presence

  • Sustaining business presence

  • Governmental and private contacts/relationships

  • Local content partnerships

  • Education in cultural norms, beliefs and etiquettes

  • Take up critical roles in establishing their local presence


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