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  • Bestselling Author

  • McKinsey & Company Fellow (CiviCo)

  • Business Strategy/Training Consultant

  • Executive Coach for Leaders/Companies

  • Immediate Past National Council Member - United Nations Association of USA(UNA-USA) 

  • Former Chair - Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 17 UNA-USA

  • Country Chair - D Eisenhower Fellowship, Ghana

  • 2018 Honoree of the Prestigious Washington DC "Made Man" Award for Social Impact

  • Advisory Board Member - Howard University EMBA 




Business strategy consultant, corporate trainer, coach, inspirational speaker, a father, mentor, a  McKinsey & Company Fellow and bestselling author: "Synergy and Commonality', the Key to Success and Beyond the Credentials.


Over 20 years’ experience in business and consulting globally, specifically in North America, Africa, and Europe. I became a global executive in various institutions in these continents and held many senior global leadership positions with Fortune 500 companies. I am an educator and expert in Business and Leadership Development Strategy, Supply Chain Management, Executive Coaching, Operations, Public Speaking and a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certified.


I am known for turning businesses around and being heavily involved in supporting project management initiatives for country development and success through sustainability tactics. Some of my clients include the World Bank, Mining sectors, Educational institutions, Real Estate, Franchise companies, Faith based institutions, Governmental agencies, and NGO’s just to mention a few.


I am a strategist with a track record in cross-management that includes but is not limited to cross-cultural management, mentoring, marketing, investment, business productivity, and capacity building. I leverage on my Executive Management, Local and Global Networking, Negotiations, Organizational Development and Program Management skills to push the needle for individuals and institutions by turning businesses and individual life’s around for improvement and success.

As Executive Director/Partner for ValueCycle Ltd, my team and I use all necessary best practice, and combined acquired skills to deliver the best to our customers, both locally and internationally.

Quite recently, I was honored to be invited by the U.S. Military at their Army War Center in Harrisburg, P.A. as one of the few and carefully chosen private executives to meet with high ranking U.S. Colonels and Generals to discuss National / Global Security issues. 


On social impact front, I served as a National Council Member for the United Nations Association of USA, and became the first chair of the Collaboration and Partnership Committee, which is SDG 17. My goal and passion has always been changing one life at a time and supporting ventures that have social impact effect. I also serve on many boards locally and internationally and giving back to many institutions. Some of which include: 

  1. Howard University Executive Education, in Washington DC where I double as guest lecturer in the capacity of Executive Coach, as well as newly appointed chair of Center for Career Excellence.

  2. Charter Board Partners for Omar D. Blair in Denver, by helping shape a better future for young pupil. 

  3. Mentor for Watson Institute in Boulder Colorado, a social impact college where I assist young and innovative students who are carefully chosen from across the world on social impact projects.

  4. Country chair for the D. Eisenhower Fellowship for Ghana, a prestigious program that exists to inspire leaders around the world by providing unique opportunities to collaborate and learn from like-minded executives across national borders. A field I was recognized and awarded by General Colin Powell (RTD) in New York City in 2016, for leadership. 

  5. Guest lectures at Metropolitan State University at the School of Journalism in Denver, where I impact knowledge to create positive mindset for upcoming graduates regarding Africa.

  6. I am a constant invitee to many other universities and schools like University of Colorado in Colorado Springs, where I support students to identify a career path and help them create a goal. 

  7. Spends more than 70% of my private time in energizing, supporting and mentoring both the young and old in guiding them on their career path, writing resume's, helping on their projects and listening to them to share their wisdom.

I had a humble beginning, where I started my preliminary education in Ghana, and later earned my honors bachelor’s degree from the University of Greenwich, London in the United Kingdom, and Master’s in Business Administration from Howard University in Washington DC, United States of America. 

I am a  happy father of 3 amazing  boys (synonym as 30), as well as blessed with a strong and supportive wife whom I describe as my ‘boss’. 

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